Resident Evil: Retribution Featurette Details Alice's Story So Far

Team Resident Evil knows the end is fast approaching. Alice (Milla Jovovich) either has to bring down the evil Umbrella Corporation, or eventually lose her battle, her life and – potentially – the lives of everyone left on our planet. If you aren’t familiar with the apocalyptic world director Paul W.S. Anderson and his wife, Jovovich, have created on screen for the past few years, Yahoo has a new featurette that catches you up on Alice’s quest as you prepare for the latest Resident Evil film, Retribution:

Now that’s a history lesson, dating all the way back to Alice’s first infection and weaving its way through her endless battles with flesh-craving zombies. Man, I’ve forgotten what a complete badass Jovovich looks like when she’s brandishing massive shotguns and leaping over fireballs. She’s the reason the Resident Evil franchise has lasted as long as it has.

But how much longer will it go on? If Anderson and Jovovich are to be believed, they have one more story after Retribution to tell. As they claimed in their Comic-Con panel, they have an end in mind for the Resident Evil franchise, but they’re just not telling us anything about it. “I’m married to the guy,” Jovovich proclaimed to a rabid Con audience. “You think I don’t know [how it ends]?!”

We’re just going to have to wait to find out for ourselves. The epic Retribution was reportedly shot in Moscow, Tokyo and Washington, D.C. to help give the sequel a larger global feel. Fans can hunker down with Retribution on Sept. 14 … and then speculate on the franchise’s inevitable end shortly after.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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