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Ricky Gervais Says He'd Host The Oscars

While we at Cinema Blend are divided over whether or not the Muppets would make a good fit to host the Oscars now that Eddie Murphy has dropped the job, it looks as though Ricky Gervais is prepared to throw his hat in the ring.

The comedian/actor/producer told Access Hollywood that he’d be up for hosting the Oscars. Gervais is already reportedly in talks to host the Golden Globes, however that doesn’t appear to be a concern for him in terms of taking on both gigs. “I’ll do that as well. I’ll be in town any way for the Globes,” he said when asked about hosting the Oscars. He even went on to joke about striking up a bargain for his fee, saying, “I can knock off 20 percent. Two for one deal. I’ll just stay up there.”

Getting serious on the subject, Gervais says they haven’t asked him to host (yet) and that he doesn’t know if he’s day yes, but went on to say, “It’s tempting [because] for three hours, I’m the most feared man in LA, so that’s nice.”

As for an update on whether or not Gervais could really be hosting the Golden Globes again, Gervais told AH, “I think NBC wants me to do it, but [the] Hollywood Foreign Press have got to want me as well. It’s their event. It’s their party.”

?That makes sense as NBC’s main objective is likely to get people to tune in and they know Gervais could certainly help in that area. The Hollywood Foreign Press is likely to prioritize bringing in someone that will entertain the audience and not make a mockery of the event, regardless of what the viewers think. Gervais wasn’t shy about roasting some of the nominees and audience members when he hosted the Golden Globes, which may not have been appreciated by the HFP.

As for the Oscars, it’d be an interesting night, to say the least, with Gervais at the wheel.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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