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Back when Rob Reiner was directing movies like The Princess Bride, Misery, When Harry Met Sally... and A Few Good Men, it was amazing not just because he was producing instant classic after instant classic, but also because he was beholden to no genre. Such has not been the case for the most recent stretch of Reiner's career, however. For the last decade the filmmaker has made only dramedies, with most of them containing some element of romance. It's been hard watching a once great director get stuck in such a deep rut, but now it seems he is finally ready to emerge.

Just a few days after it was announced that Reiner will be playing Leonardo DiCaprio's dad in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, THR is reporting that the director is now attached to direct the new thriller You Belong To Me. Described as being "in the tradition of Cape Fear" (perhaps that's why he wants to hang around Scorsese?), the new film is about a psychiatrist who makes a mistake when he exposes details about himself to his patients. David Murray wrote the screenplay. When asked why it had taken him so long to get back to the thriller genre - his last effort, Misery, was released all the way back in 1990 - Reiner said that the reason was because he simply hadn't come across anything original.

"They are hard to make well, but this one has a deep psychological bent to it and a big twist in the end that I didn’t see coming," Reiner said. "That's why I decided to take a whack at this one."

The film apparently has four lead characters and casting is scheduled to begin immediately with production scheduled to start in New York this fall. Reiner's latest project, The Magic of Belle Isle, is in theaters on July 6th.

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