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Several seasons of watching Entourage has taught me that when a good looking actor really wants a role, he gets it, whether or not he actually has any talent. So that must make this actors get what they want theory doubly true for Robert Downey Jr., since you he’s not only good looking but can also act the pants off just about anyone.
R Maybe that theory cannot be proven, but you should know that Robert Downey Jr. really wants to play Edgar Allan Poe. He’s in a place right now where he has his pick of parts, and he tells Metro that what he most wants is to play the famously disturbed, drug abusing, Raven quothing emo poet. In particular, he wants to play him for Sylvester Stallone who has written a Poe script he’s been trying to get made for years now. At one point the role was offered to Viggo Mortensen, and around that same time Downey was actually rumored to be in the running for it… but since then we’ve heard nothing.

Two years later, Robert Downey Jr. has been in Iron Man and is without a doubt, the toast of Hollywood. If he really wants Edgar, maybe he has the star power necessary to get this thing moving, assuming Stallone has the good sense to bring him on board.