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Roberto Orci Rules Out Potential Star Trek Sequel Villains

We still don't have an official title or plot description to J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek sequel, but that all takes a backseat to the big question that fans want an answer to. Ever since Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as the villain in the movie people have been trying to figure out the identity of his character. There have been multiple rumors saying that he will be playing the role of Khan Noonien Singh, the character originated by Ricardo Montalban in both the original Star Trekseries and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, but those stories are typically put to rest by filmmaker denials. We still don't know who the villain of the sequel is going to be, but today we at least know who it won't be.

Roberto Orci, who serves as both a co-writer and producer of the upcoming Star Trek film, recently appeared on the Ask Mr. Kern radio show (via AICN) and he confirmed to them a list of villains who definitely won't be appearing in the next movie. If you choose to believe him, Orci says that Gary Mitchell, Charlie X, Ruk, and The Borg have all been eliminated as potential foes for the Enterprise crew (he also said that Janice Rand won't be in the film either). The most notable exception from the list, of course, is Khan, however, he could have omitted the name just to fuel more speculation and keep people talking about the project. Orci also said that there is a 75% chance that the title of the film will have "Star Trek" in it somewhere, which is surprisingly low when you consider that every previous movie in the franchise has included it.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Star Trek sequel co-writer Alex Kurtzman about the role Cumberbatch will be playing, and he confirmed to me that Cumberbatch has a "formidable presence" that will scare the audience. So if it's not going to be any of the names listed above and it's not Khan, who do you think the villain of the movie will be?

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