Ron Perlman, Pruitt Taylor Vince And More Sign On For Angry Little God

Ron Perlman in Drive
(Image credit: FilmDistrict)

Both Ron Perlman and Pruitt Taylor Vince are actors who bring so much to the people they play just through their visage. Perlman is not only tall, but has a face that looks like it was chiseled from stone and is filled with character. Vince has a condition called nystagmus, which causes his eyes to involuntarily dart around. Both actors have used their unique looks to boost their careers and now it's being reported that they will do it together in the upcoming film Angry Little God.

THR has learned that the two actors and Tom Bower and Devon Graye have all signed on for the new thriller, which is being helmed by Daniel Stamm (The Last Exorcism). The film, written by Stamm and David Birke, is a remake of Thai film 13: Game of Death and is about a down and out man who one day leanrs that he is actually part of a hidden camera game show. If he can complete 13 tasks he will win a fortune, but then discovers that each of the jobs are more terrible than the last. It was previously announced that Mark Webber and Rutina Wesley are part of the cast as well. Dimension Films has already come aboard to distribute the movie in the US and IM Global will produce and finance.

Perlman recently teamed up with his good friend Guillermo del Toro to play a role in the sci-fi monster film Pacific Rim, which will be in theaters courtesy of Warner Bros. next year. He also played a role this summer in John Stockwell's Kid Cannabis. Vince has a part in writer/director Benedict Dorsey's drama 59 Seconds, but that movie doesn't currently have a release date.

Eric Eisenberg
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