Paranormal Activity 4
How do you think ghosts, ghouls, spirits and other paranormal odds and ends feel about the technological age? It has to have made their jobs harder. It used to be, in a simpler time, the undead demons could run roughshod over a house (or group of kids, or whatever) with little recourse. And at the very least they didn’t have to worry about any evidence, other than anecdotal crap from the town loony tune fringe, impeding on their scaring/haunting/killing ways. Hell, it usually took to the third act to find out what some of the scary stuff even looked like. But man technology has to be [email protected]#$ing their s#$% up big time. What with every single person on the planet carrying around no less than one iPhone and Skype-ing/ video-chatting becoming part of our daily conversational identity. Our technological world means everything is already getting recorded, no one even needs to go out of their way to set up a freaking tripod. The spirits must hate it, cramping their demonic style and all. They’ve had to adapt and find new ways to drop Hershey sguirts into otherwise clean trousers.

Bringing us to Paranormal Activity 4, a culmination of bumps in the night and haunted demon storylines that began with said tripod and now relies on the protagonist “documenting” the freaky stuff with her own brand of teeny-bopping connectivity. And yeah, there’s a deeper story being told here, by Paranormal Activity 3 (68%) directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, back for the fourth one. They’re getting their paranormal on in the same neighborhood to possibly diminishing returns. Early reviews are mixed and I think will drop a bit as the week goes on. If anything, we might be getting close to style fatigue.

But what we’re learning is one no longer needs to trek into the woods looking for the Witch from Blair in order to document the demons among us. Just set up Skype, get an iPad or two and you’ll have all the footage you need. The Rotten Watch for Paranormal Activity 4 is 44%

Which Rotten movie will have the highest final Tomatometer score?

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