Sacha Baron Cohen Hires Klown Screenwriters For The Lesbian

Apparently Sacha Baron Cohen is a big fan of the Danish comedy Klown. While that probably means that he's seen it a bunch of times and owns it on Blu-ray, he has taken it one step further. He has apparently flown to Denmark just to get the writers to script his new film.

Variety says that a deal has been struck with Casper Christensen and Frank Hvam to script the upcoming comedy The Lesbian. The story is based on a horrible-but-true story about a Hong Kong billionaire named Cecil Chao who "offered $65 million to any man who succeeded in marrying his lesbian daughter." Borat and Bruno writer Ant Hines and Baron Cohen himself wrote the treatment for the film, and one can assume Christensen and Hvam will be working from their outline. The screenwriting duo was actually getting ready to script a sequel to Klown, however, they will be delaying their work on that project to focus on this new one.

The trade notes that there is actually an English-language remake of Klown in the works. The Hangover director Todd Phillips is attached to produce while Danny McBride will star. To get a sense of what the feature is like and Christensen and Hvam's sense of humor, watch the Red Band trailer below. Be warned, this is definitely not for the young-ones.

If The Lesbian is anything even close to that, we should be in for some very raunchy, ridiculous stuff. Perhaps it could even make up for the disappointment that was The Dictator.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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