All of Hollywood was abuzz recently over the news that Universal had selected Pablo Larrain to helm their long-planned redo of Scarface. Larrain seems like a great choice, but even though his film No was an Oscar nominee, he’s still a bit on the obscure side for a major studio tent pole. You’d have to be a little hardcore about either Chilean politics or world cinema to think of Larrain. But maybe we underestimate executives who might have pretty diverse Netflix accounts.

Whatever the case, there’s a whole sea of 80’s remakes being planned. Why not give them over to lesser-known foreign-language filmmakers with vision? We cherry-picked some of the most anticipated 80’s remakes currently in active development in Hollywood and decided to hand them over to the best and brightest on the global cinema stage. Our first preference is to not remake these movies, but we know they’re all gonna happen eventually. So take some chances, Hollywood. Who knows where you might end up?

What Is It? Connor MacLeod has fought through the ages to become the last standing immortal. Also, maybe he’s from Zeist?

Where Is It? Summit has been developing this property for years, with directors like Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Justin Lin attached to direct. Last year the studio opted for first-timer Cedric Nicolas-Troyan as a director, but by then leading man Ryan Reynolds had bolted, and the Art Marcum/Matt Holloway script had been gathering cobwebs.

Give It To… Pablo Trapero! The Argentine filmmaker specializes in making films about middle to lower class people pushed beyond their means, forced into difficult positions. He also specializes in slick suspense sequences that go from relaxed to super intense within seconds, a gift that would benefit a franchise-starter about basically-immortal characters that could (and once did!) get very boring very quickly. Check out the trailer for Carancho below.

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