Our coverage of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit kicked into high gear over the weekend, as Eric began posting reports from his trip to the set of Middle Earth earlier this year. (Find those links below.) As we continue to get pumped for the first installment in what plans to be an epic trilogy, a second TV spot for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been posted on the film’s official Facebook site. Check it out right here:

The clip establishes Hobbit as a prequel to Jackson’s Lord of the Rings series – something non-Tolkien readers might not have understood. It introduces Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman), a timid Hobbit recruited by the wizard Galdalf (Sir Ian McKellen) for … well, the title gives that away. But it also does an impressive job of showing the number of fantasy-action sequences Jackson has planned, as well as the neurotic humor Freeman appears to be bringing to Bilbo (which is key to the development of his character).

Our own Eric Eisenberg covered this and a whole lot more in his extensive, multi-part Hobbit set visit, which you can begin reading here. We expect to have much more about the movie on CinemaBlend as we continue to build to the Dec. 14 release date of Jackson’s latest Tolkien adaptation. But we’re wondering: Now that we’re getting closer to actually seeing Jackson’s film in theaters, is there anything else you really want to see in a TV spot or a trailer? Or would you rather go “dark,” so to speak, and be surprised by the goodies the director squeezes into his first Hobbit chapter? Let us know below.

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