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A monster movie is always better when it hides the monster in its marketing. Had Cloverfield decided to show the creature that was tossing the Statue of Liberty's head at us in the first trailer, there would have been no reason for audiences to go. It was a lesson learned by accident on the set of Jaws and it has been an established film rule ever since. Lucky for us, Gareth Edwards and his team know this rule and have applied it to Monsters.

Apple has released the second trailer for the film and just as it was demonstrated in the first, it looks as though they were able to accomplish quite a bit with very little money. While it does show a little bit more monster action than the first (using its tenticles to suck a jet fighter into a swamp), there is still plenty of mystery left about this film to keep it intriguing. The film won't be released in theaters until October 29th, but you can see it out on demand starting September 24th.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over at Apple.