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Despite the fact that Minions was a runaway hit at last year's box office, even the folks at Illumination Entertainment need a break from those mini, yellow funsters. That break comes in their latest project, this summer's The Secret Life of Pets, which just recently gave us a Super Bowl sized look at its comedic stylings. Watch the furry fun unload in the video below.
Through Illumination's own YouTube channel, the studio gave us a mostly familiar look at what to expect from The Secret Life of Pets. While no new details were given when it comes to the story of Universal's latest animated effort, we do see Louis C.K's Max bond a little more with his owner. It's not as exciting or flashy as the last trailer we got, featuring tons of action, as well as charming supporting characters like Kevin Hart's Snowball; but it's still a pretty cute distraction

Yet even if most of what was on display has already been seen by the public, there's one part of The Secret Life of Pets trailer that manages to not only be the standout gag, but also finds its way into each trailer we've seen for the film thus far. That gag is, naturally, that of Leonard the Poodle, and his gaggle of fellow punk rock aficionados. Much as the previous looks into the lives of house pets have ended, we close on the familiar tones of System Of A Down's "Bounce," with Leonard adopting his rock show stance, thrashing his head to the beat. While we might not see much action out of the pampered poodle in the actual film, it wouldn't be a surprise of Illumination Entertainment is trying to build the character as a potential vehicle for a spin-off and/or a series of shorts.

With Despicable Me 3 hitting theaters next June, and Minions 2 still awaiting a status update on its existence, it's only fair that Universal start building up further franchise opportunities with the animation studio that has treated them so well. The Secret Life of Pets looks like it could have some legs on it in this summer's box office market, so long as it can handle The BFG and Ice Age: Collision Course opening on either end of its release date. The animation market is going to be extremely competitive this summer, but if The Secret Life of Pets is anything like Despicable Me, the first film will find its way into the hearts and minds of the young ones sure enough.

The Secret Life of Pets will give you cause to install a WiFi food dish for your own fur babies, when it hits theaters on July 8th.