By all accounts, this summer blockbuster season has been a disappointment. But that hasn't stopped people from flocking to the theaters. Five of the current Top 10 movies on the 2016 box office charts were released over the summer... though that means that an additional five movies that came out long before the usually lucrative summer season managed to strike gold. The data suggests that the summer no longer stands as the only time in which a movie can hit and hit big. Deadpool collected bank in February, as did Zootopia. Meanwhile, movies that clung to traditional hot spots -- like Independence Day: Resurgence -- suffered under the weight of mediocre reviews and apathetic crowds.

We recently looked ahead at the 21 movies that we hope will revive 2016 after this lackluster summer frame. But before we put the summer season in the books, let's look back at the 10 box office winners of 2016 so far. These are not movies that managed the most profit, because they kept their budgets down. These are just the 10 movies, according to Box Office Mojo, that have sold the most tickets in 2016 so far. How many of these did you see? If you skipped them, tell us why in the comments section below.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Released back in January, the animated Kung Fu Panda 3 demonstrated real staying power for the Jack Black-led franchise, which quietly dominated the early frame of 2016 to the tune of $143 million. Even better for the series, this sequel did gangbuster business overseas, pushing the global box office take to $519 million, all but guaranteeing that a fourth Kung Fu Panda will be in the works before we know it. Even better, this movie was good. Quality is not being sacrificed by a series pandering to little kids. It's not Pixar, but it's far better than your average animated feature film.

X-Men: Apocalypse

With all due respect to Bryan Singer, I completely forgot there was an X-Men movie in theaters this summer until I started putting this list together. Hitting theaters over the Memorial Day weekend, Singer's follow up to the popular X-Men: Days of Futures Past pushed its domestic cume to $155.4 million -- good for seventh place (out of nine films) on the overall X-Men scale. Not great. These mutants were outclassed by another foul-mouthed Merc, who'll show up much later on this list.

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