No matter how you pose it, "will you marry me?" is typically a thrilling question for anyone to be asked. Nonetheless the internet has seen a remarkably imaginative array of people popping the question over the past year.

There was the guy who surprised his ladylove with a specially made movie trailer in the local theater. Then there was the ambitious bloke who ambushed his soon-to-be fiancée with a live lip-dub proposal featuring a flashmob made up of their friends and family. And then there was the creative fangirl who took her beau on a Scott Pilgrim-themed sightseeing tour before asking him to level up. Now, we have the marvelously inventive proposal of Eddie Zarick and his self-made Iron Man arc reactor.

The couple did not share a recording of the proposal itself, but has offered up a look at the wildly impressive arc reactor that served as the presentation case for the ring. Check out the vid (via Geeks are Sexy) to see how it works:

In the video's Youtube caption, Zarick explains that his girlfriend loves comics, and Iron Man in particular. Moreover, she'd taken to calling Zarick "Tony Stark" because of his love of inventing. So, when it came to his proposal, this crafty romantic gave his comic-lovin' gal his heart in the form of an arc reactor made special for the occasion, complete with a special mechanized compartment that extends the ring! He says she was "very excited and even crying," and it's easy to see why. So cheers to the happy couple!

For more on Zarick's design, check out his blog.

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