See Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Death In One Handy Infographic

We've got Quentin Tarantino on the brain lately, with Django Unchained nominated for a handful of Oscars and Tarantino himself out there talking about completing his revisionist history trilogy. Now someone has come along and put a lot of our thinking into handy infographic form.

From the current Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair, there's this infographic depicting the many ways that people have died in Quentin Tarantino Films. As you might guess, guns are a pretty popular way to go, but starting with KIll Bill the methods got a whole lot more creative… and you might be surprised which movie came with the highest body count. Take a look below, and click to see it much bigger:

I have no idea how they counted just how many people died in that Inglourious Basterds theater fire, and I'm impressed by how they tallied up all the dynamite deaths at Candieland in Django Unchained, given how many servants there were running around. But would you have guessed that the fire would make Basterds the most death-heavy Tarantino movie ever?

For more Tarantino chatter, catch the two Django Unchained pieces we wrote yesterday, with Eric arguing why it should win Best Picture and Mack chiming in that it's way too long and indulgent to deserve it. Though as this infographic points out, Django could have been a whole lot more indulgent with deaths and still not been close to Tarantino's bloodiest.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend