See How A Fight Club Scene Looks With Tyler Durden Digitally Removed

This should go without saying, but if not, Spoiler Alert if you still haven't gotten around to seeing Fight Club. This article addresses the ending of the film!

There are certain movies that offer a twist so drastic, when it's revealed, we find ourselves wanting to re-watch the entire movie to see just how much of the truth of the situation was staring us in the face the entire time. Fight Club probably qualifies as one of those movies, as David Fincher's film, which is based on Chuck Palahniuk's novel, throws a pretty drastic curveball at us near the final act. He was dead the whole time. No wait, it's that Tyler Durden was all in the narrator's head. Which means the whole time we thought the Narrator (Edward Norton) was with Tyler (Brad Pitt), he was really alone, either talking to himself or being Tyler. Enter the above video, which digitally extracts Tyler Durden from one scene to show us how this particular conversation between Tyler and the Narrator would've actually looked like from an outside perspective. it's the scene where Tyler tells the Narrator to hit him.

Chuck Palahniuk gave this video his stamp of approval (Correction: this was posted by Palahniuk's official fan site), citing Reddit, where the video was posted. From what the site says, it seems like they expected this video to happen sooner or later. "This is one of those things where I wonder why it took someone so long to do it," the site notes. "And now that I see it, it's pretty awesome."

They're not wrong. The video editor, Richard Trammell, did a pretty great job pulling Brad Pitt out of the sequence, giving us a look at the Narrator as he actually was, on his own, looking for an alternative and finding a fight and the start of a thrilling but dangerous new lifestyle. I think there's actually a tiny snippet of the parking lot fight featured during the changeover scene near the end of the movie where Norton's character finally puts it all together and recollects some of the moments he thought he was with Tyler. But this newly edited video takes the concept much further, focusing on the beginning of the fight and the conversation they have before it, and giving us a longer look at the Narrator's first fight with himself.

You can watch the unedited version of this scene in the video below:

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