See Michael Giacchino And Brad Bird Score Mission: Impossible-- Ghost Protocol Together

Michael Giacchino, one of the few currently working composers who can genuinely claim a fanbase thanks to his work on Lost, Star Trek, Up and a bunch of other stuff you love, is on Twitter. Before you read this article any further I recommend following the guy, because come on, you know he's a huge part of why the first 10 minutes of Up make you sob to this day. Anyway, his current project is bound to be a little less emotionally fraught, as he reteams with Pixar's Brad Bird on Mission: Impossible-- Ghost Protocol, which is currently in post-production. And on that magical Twitter machine Giacchino brought us the photo you see below, with the caption "Great first day of scoring on M:I Ghost Protocol!"

There are a few faces you'll recognize in there, but they're not quite where you'd expect them. That's not Giacchino standing up on the director's podium but Bird, who's apparently taking his directing duties to the point of guiding the orchestra. Giacchino can be seen smiling behind him in the white shirt. Oh, and the guy in what appears to be a Yankees hat, a solid two feet shorter than everyone else? It's Tom Cruise! I'll save the prerequisite short jokes and assume the others are standing on a podium we just can't see.

There's no real news in this story, just a chance to see three people you probably like working together. Think of this as a preview of the Mission: Impossible-- Ghost Protocol behind-the-scenes Blu-Ray features.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend