Okay, so his Total Recall remake isn't a hit Stateside, suffering from unimpressive box office numbers and overall critical scorn. But we still love Colin Farrell and his biting comedic talents, so let's all just move on, and look ahead to Farrell's return to comedy with Seven Psychopaths. Written and directed by playwright turned filmmaker Martin McDonagh, the crime caper recently made its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it was a massive draw and garnered rave reviews, including the coveted Midnight Madness Audience Award.

This follow-up to McDonagh's Oscar-nominated pitch-black comedy In Bruges reunites McDonagh and Farrell for a wild adventure that involves a dognapping plot gone wrong, a Hollywood screenwriter (Farrell), his scheming best-friend (Sam Rockwell), their non-violent yet menacing cohort (Christopher Walken), a blood-thirsty gangster (Woody Harrelson), and three other titular lunatics. The hotly anticipated feature's promo posters and trailers (both green and red band) counted down these psychopaths one through seven while laying out the comedy's kooky premise and unhinged sense of humor. Now, we've got two clips that give us more insight into the four spotlighted above.

First up, a clip—courtesy of MTV —that gives us a closer look at the group dynamic between Farrell's scribe, Rockwell's dognapper and Walken's fearless thug.

Clearly, this Bonny the Shih Tzu is loved. And as the PSA below warns—with language NSFW—her adoring owner Charlie Costello will do whatever it takes to get her back!

Seven Psychopaths opens October 12th. In the meantime, find out more about the movie by consulting our Blend Film Database.

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