Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park is an undeniable classic. Not only was the film a true phenomenon when it was first released – making nearly a billion dollars worldwide as a critical hit – it has aged marvelously with effects that look as good as ever. The same things, sadly, can’t be said about the franchise as a whole. Both The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Joe Johnston’s Jurassic Park III made money, but only a fraction of what the first one pulled in, and both were put down by critics. So whether or not a fourth Jurassic Park movie is a good idea is one that’s definitely up for great debate.

At this stage in the game very little is known about Jurassic Park IV other than the fact that it’s happening, it will be in 3D and that Steven Spielberg is serving as a producer, but it’s easy to see why some would be skeptical about another trip to the island and why others would be excited. Following the breaking news of the new sequel, which will be in theaters on June 13, 2014, our own Eric Eisenberg and Sean O’Connell had a quick sit down to talk about positive prospects and possible pitfalls of a part four.

Eric: So Sean, 2013 is only 11 days old but already we already have what could be the story of the year: Jurassic Park IV is coming in 2014! And while it definitely catches my interest I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. How does the news strike you?

Sean: It saddens me, Eric. Truthfully, I can think of very few franchises that still have the creative juices flowing by the fourth film. And from what I can remember about the third Jurassic Park movie (which is very little), the recycled bits didn't scream to me that we desperately needed a fourth trip to the deadly island.

Eric: I will admit that even though the third movie only came out 12 years ago I can barely remember anything about it. Not exactly a film that sticks out in memory. But doesn't Spielberg's committed involvement make you at all interested? I know he was an Executive Producer on the last one also, but it's interesting that just a couple days ago he put the brakes on Robopocalypse. He may not be looking to direct it himself, but maybe he's going to really commit himself to the project. And who's going to say no to that?

Sean: Maybe. And that would possibly change my tune. And I'm not vehemently opposed to more Jurassic Park movies. I think they are fun diversions, and an excuse for a filmmaker to benefit from constantly improving effects tools. But -- and here's my biggest issue -- I'd prefer for Universal to blow the dust off of a dormant franchise like Jurassic Park BECAUSE a screenwriter or director had come to them with the absolute best idea for a new story, and not because the studio has a hole to fill on a summer schedule. Maybe that's what happened, and we don't know yet. Maybe the studio's about to tell us that there's a great script -- hell, I'd settle for a winning IDEA -- behind JP4. Because if not, this is backwards thinking, wouldn't you say?

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