New Side Effects Poster: One Pill Can Change Your Life

Rooney Mara in Side Effects
(Image credit: Open Road)

The last poster we saw for Steven Soderbergh's Side Effects was pretty great. Below a haunting image of Rooney Mara, half of the one-sheet was dedicated to looking like a fake prescription pad that gave all of the details and credits about the movie. It was a cool design for what looks to be a thrilling movie. The latest artwork, however, isn't nearly as interesting.

With Open Road Films set to distribute the film on February 8th, they have delivered a brand new poster to Fandango. Check it out below or hit the link to see it in its highest resolution.

While I still like Mara's look in this poster (it's better with the red filter) the whole thing is just too bland. Yes, we get to see all of the film's excellent cast, but the structure is boring and the red cross isn't nearly as well utilized as the prescription pad was.

Side Effects, written by Scott Z. Burns (Contagion), follows a young woman named Emily Hawkins (Mara) who is going through a rough time. Her husband (Channing Tatum) is about to be released from prison, and when she is unable to cope with the anxiety she turns to prescription pills to ease her pain. As you can see from the poster, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jude Law also star in the movie. To learn more about the movie - which will be the last of Soderbergh's career - watch the first trailer, and see some cool stills head on over to our Blend Film Database.

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