That on-again / off-again Wonder Woman movie is back on again, at least according to producer Joel Silver. Keep in mind this is a producer who has sat on projects like Speed Racer for up to twenty years before actually having a movie made, but the producer insists that not only will Wonder Woman see the light of day soon, but that he has writers actively working on a script.

The news comes from IESB who talked with Silver at a Speed Racer press junket. Silver revealed he had writers working on a Wonder Woman script – the writers behind that spec script that Warner Brothers picked up last year when Joss Whedon was still working on the project. For those who don’t remember, the spec script was set in the World War II era, which Silver says will not be true of the final picture. So, they aren’t using that script, just the writer’s behind it: Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland.

The focus of the movie will still be a modern day setting, although Silver says he’s returning to the idea of doing an origin picture, which was originally what they were trying to move away from. Expect to see Paradise Island and the background of Wonder Woman before (or as) you see her kicking baddie butt.

With Speed Racer complete, IESB asked if Silver was considering another team up with the Wachowski brothers for Wonder Woman. While Silver wouldn’t give a straightforward answer, he did say Andy had a pretty good idea for the film’s opening. Even if they don’t direct, something tells me to expect to see the Wachowski names on the project in some capacity, assuming this isn’t another false start for a Wonder Woman movie.

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