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Simon Pegg Looks Pretty Hot On The World's End's Fiery New Teaser Poster

The UK got clued into to what an excellent comedy team Nick Frost and Simon Pegg were with the willfully silly sitcom Spaced. While that show eventually found admirers Stateside, it was after the pair broke through playing zombie-battling bffs in the 2004 comedy hit Shaun of the Dead. Since then, American audiences have eagerly turned out for buddy comedies starring Frost and Pegg, from the cop caper Hot Fuzz to the alien adventure Paul. So, it's a smart move that these beloved clowns have been placed front and center of the latest teaser poster for their next venture, The World's End.

Revealed via Edgar Wright's Twitter account, the poster above also reveals a threat previously unseen in this Armageddon comedy's marketing. Penned by Pegg and Wright, The World's End centers on five childhood friends who have grown apart, but attempt to reunite on a fateful pub crawl that's planned to end at the titular tavern. However, their quest becomes trickier to achieve when not just these pals, but the world itself seems to be facing utter annihilation.

These blue-eyed humanoids in the background are the first indication we've gotten as to how the world may end. But what are they? Zombies? Infected persons? Aliens? Pod people? At this point, your guess is good as ours. But color us intrigued.

Happily for us, American audiences have been granted a shorter wait for the film's release as The World's End recently leapt from October 25th to August 28th. Aside from Frost and Pegg, this hotly anticipated third installment in Wright's Blood and Ice Cream trilogy (A.K.A. Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy) features Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan, Martin Freeman, and Rosamund Pike. So there's plenty of reasons to look forward to summer's end.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.