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If you're going to have Simon Pegg be in your movie, you better splice in some comedy, and the Mission: Impossible movies are no exception. While it was a very small part in Mission: Impossible 3, Pegg was great as tech wizard Benji Dunn, who helped Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt navigate the streets of Shanghai. Fortunately for us, director Brad Bird and writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec were smart enough to bring him back for the fourth entry in the series, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol with an expanded role. In a previous clip we got to see Pegg interact with franchise newcomer Jeremy Renner, but now it's all about Benji and Ethan.

Check out the clip below.

Set to debut in IMAX on December 16th and be released wide on December 21st, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol has Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) being forced underground with a ragtag group of IMF agents (Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg) after they are blamed for an explosion at the Kremlin in Russia. With no contact or backup, they decide to go rogue and not only clear their names, but find the people who are actually responsible for the terrorist attack and bring them to justice.

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