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While many have decried The Simpsons for dated storylines hampered by the amount of time it takes between writing an episode and having it air, no one can say they were late to the game parodying the star-studded Oscar selfie that host Ellen DeGeneres took at Sunday’s Oscars ceremony - which will go down in short-attention-span history as the Tweet that temporarily broke Twitter. Something most assuredly would have been broken in a different way had Homer been allowed to be involved.

This is an amazingly cool still for Simpsons fans to enjoy, and Matt Groening is a champ for Tweeting it out there, but let’s consider what is truly the most amazing thing about all of this. In less than a week’s time, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o’s brother Peter got to not only sit down in the middle of celeb central at the Oscars, smiling his way in front of Angelina Jolie’s face for the photo, but he also gets immortalized as a Simpsons character! I think he was the real success story of this past week, regardless of what other news breaks.

Of course, the long-running animated sitcom wasn’t the only piece of pop culture to get in on the spoofing. The Peanuts gang also got in on the fun, but we all know nothing that blockhead Charlie Brown does ever comes out on top.

Proving that Phil Lord and Chris Miller aren't the only people that can make LEGO a relevant company, The LEGO Group also set up its own shot. The Jennifer Lawrence character is a hoot.

And it didn’t take long for Happy Bradley Cooper to turn into Grumpy Cat.

No Oscar image that could exist in reality can truly be as outstanding as the all Nicolas Cage selfie. Faces off for everyone!

And Patrick Butler felt bad for poor tee tiny Liza Minnelli, whose stature just didn’t allow her to make it into the picture.

And if you thought Jared Leto’s offhanded mention of the Ukraine situation was the most political the night could get, Complex made us paranoid that House of Cards’s Frank Underwood is watching our every move.

Someone felt bad for Best Supporting actor Jared Leto for not making it all the way into the shot, so he worked his magic and gave us a reasonable facsimile.

oscar selfie parody

And finally, Maryland’s Anne Arundel County Police used the photo as a way to give their own social media a boost. I’d say it worked.

anne Arundel oscar selfie

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