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Jonah Hill is being considered a serious actor for the first time in his career right now thanks to Moneyball, the new drama in which he plays an economics whiz and baseball fanatic who helps Brad Pitt's Billy Beane bring the Oakland A's back from the brink. It's the most mature, realistic performance Hill has given yet, promising a long career for the guy who for so long as been "the fat guy from Superbad." But at the same time, Hill doesn't seem so eager to leave his comedy roots behind-- I mean, he's got a 21 Jump Street remake in the works, for god's sake. And before then we'll be seeing him in The Sitter, the new comedy from Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green that opens December 9. If you were wondering whether this was a return for Hill to R-rated adventure comedies, well, take a look at the new red band TV spot below.

Aside from the fact that red-band TV spots don't really make any sense-- obviously these are never going to be able to air on TV, so why are they edited as if they were?--I don't see a whole lot to like in this spot. (UPDATE: We've been told that this did actually air on TV, during Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen Roast. I stand corrected!) It basically seems to be telling us that the only reason to see The Sitter is to watch Jonah Hill curse at children and get the hell beaten out of him, neither of which sound all that funny or original. I've been assuming for months that The Sitter will have a whole lot more going on-- after all, the cast includes Sam Rockwell, Ari Graynor, Method Man and even Where The Wild Things Are star Max Records. I didn't see Your Highness, so I'm not as frustrated with Gordon Green as everyone else seemed to be after that movie. I'm holding out hope for The Sitter as a funny break from the usual Oscar season serious movies, but if this TV spot is the best they can show us, I'm going to start getting worried.