Pretty Woman
Once upon a time, in a land called Hollywood, a handsome prince(-ish) fell in love with an exceptionally pretty prostitute with amazing hair and thigh-high boots. He paid for her services. They watched I Love Lucy and went to the opera. She went shopping. They fell in love. And after some polo and a fight with a handsy Jason Alexander, they lived happily ever after. There's some part of me that thinks this premise might actually be adaptable for a remake, either as a raunchy borderline spoofish comedy or a really depressing drama with a less happy ending (more in the vein of Leaving Las Vegas), but as anything in between, which is where we could probably categorize the original, I don't see the magic happening for today's audience. It's hard enough, in retrospect, to believe a rom-com could be developed to focus on a business mogul and a working girl and manage to be such a huge success, beloved by many for years to follow. Not only do I not see it working again, but my fear is that any attempts to rekindle the magic with a remake might only sully the memory of the original "fairytale."

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