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Snyder Raises Another Army

Zack Snyder has achieved one of those rare Hollywood survival scenarios. He directed a remake of a cult classic film and survived. Not only did he survive the making of Dawn of the Dead (which even original director George Romero professed enjoyment for), but Snyder has gone on to win fanboys over with his adaptation of Frank Miller’s 300. Everyone knows his next project is another comic book adaptation - this time the legendary Watchmen, but Snyder’s not stopping there. He wants to head back to his roots.

According to Variety, Snyder is returning to the zombie genre with Army of the Dead a (for once) original tale for Snyder to take on. The idea of the film follows a father trying to save his daughter from a zombie infested world and is set in a quarantined Las Vegas. Not to cut on Snyder’s originality, but isn’t a desolate Vegas featured in the promo for the next Resident Evil zombie flick?

Snyder hasn’t revealed what shooting techniques he’ll use for the film, although it’s likely some of his 300 skills will come into play if he’s shooting another army movie which, if the title doesn’t give it away, he is. Snyder professes part of the reason he wants to do this film is that no zombie movie has been done on the scale they are looking at. Nothing? Not even Romero’s Land of the Dead which featured a world overcome by the zombies?

I liked Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake and would be interested to see what might bring to a larger scale picture. I only have one suggestion – I agree with Romero when he says Snyder’s zombies move too g*ddamn fast. Slow ‘em down if there’s going to be a whole freakin’ army!