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Snyder Reveals Watchmen Details

If 300 is half as good as it looks, then I’m really excited to see what director Zack Snyder can do with his next project: A movie adaptation of the comic book “Watchmen”. “Watchmen”, in case you haven’t heard of it, is pretty much the most perfect and perhaps one of the most important comics ever written.

Our friend Richard over at FilmStalker spotted an interview with Snyder on First Showing in which he talks about his plans for Alan Moore’s graphic masterpiece. In the process, he answers a lot of the questions fans have had about where he’ll take the story, and how he’ll update something written in 1985 about cold war paranoia for modern times.

The answer seems to be that he won’t update it at all. Snyder says, “There has been a push on I think everybody's… on the other scripts that exist about trying to update the movie or make it take place in present day, or things of that nature. I think that by setting the movie in ‘85, by having the Cold War, having Nixon, having all that stuff you reinvigorate what the story is about. It allows all the metaphors…”

That’s actually kind of a shock. The book, while containing themes that are very relevant to today, is very much a product of it’s time. Will it still work for modern, mostly brain dead audiences whose memories don’t go back much further than the first season of ‘American Idol’? Probably not, but screw them. It’ll work great for you and me.

Snyder continues saying all the right things when asked about the massive effects demands of the project. He refuses to use the George Lucas method of directing. That is, use actors only when necessary. Instead Snyder insists, “The idea of Watchmen is not to do a CGI movie, but to do it when it's necessary.” But he will have to use some CGI. “Like when Doc Manhattan goes to Mars, there's an issue here, we've got to figure that out. We can't go to Mars… you can think about. Dr. Manhattan himself, what do you do, how do you make him - how do you render him. Rorschach's mask. There's things that have to be dealt with and figured out. But I think that the appetite for me is to make a movie that feel's more like Taxi Driver than like Fantastic Four, again. So it's a balance.”

Will Watchmen be the Taxi Driver of superhero movies? Stay tuned. ZThe film could start shooting as early as this summer. Zack has got my movie glands salivating.