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Movie trailers have essentially become short films in their own right. Fan anticipation for new footage in major franchises is extreme, and we’ve now become custom to counting down the release of new trailers while also waiting for the film itself. One of the upcoming films which capitalized on this new system of trailer fandom is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Footage was slowly and methodically released during moments of high viewership, such as football Sundays and specials like the CW’s run of Dawn Of The Justice League. Now, one fan has edited all of the trailers together into what they believe will be the chronological order of Batman V Superman. Check out all of the madness below (it's worth it, even though the video has no thumbnail). 

Honestly, this looks pretty legit. Youtuber M1llion clearly took a lot of time in cleanly editing the footage from a few different places into one cohesive video. And we can actually gather a few things from watching this fan edit.

First off, this video helps to dispel the idea that the trailers have already shown us too much information. After the full-length trailer was released, many fans felt as if Zack Snyder revealed too much of the film’s plot. Specifically, the inclusion of Doomsday as the seemingly final villain was seen as overkill and too much exposure. After all, why couldn’t Doomsday have been the big surprise reveal in theaters?

Well, as we see from the above video, perhaps we worried too quickly. Indeed, the chronological video, which contains all of the trailers’ footage, clocks in at only ten minutes. Considering that Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is currently listed as running 2 hours and 30 minutes (via its imdb), there is over 2 hours of film that we haven’t remotely seen. Perhaps Zack Snyder is planning more twists and turns than we originally anticipated. Maybe Doomsday is a red herring, and the real battle between Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman hasn’t been revealed yet. 

The chronological video is also just impressive to watch. While cutting together bits of footage from trailers would normally result in a choppy and disjointed video of nonsense, the video made by M1llion flows more like a short film. While this is partly the editor’s skills in mixing and transitions, Batman V Superman as a whole can be praised. The footage itself is captivating, as well as which images that the producers and editors decided to include in the marketing material. If this ten minute clip can somehow be both effective and captivating, then I can only imagine what the finished project will be like. Especially if you take into account the all-star cast that Zack Snyder has assembled to kickstart the DC Extended Universe.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice will be flying into theaters in a little over a month- March 25th, 20016.