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When we saw the newest trailer for Suicide Squad, we had to admit they had picked a pretty great piece of music to go along with it. "Bohemian Rhapsody" gave the disparate team just the right amount of chaos to mix with their own. But, if the song worked so well for them, who’s to say that it can’t work equally well for another team of adventurers who were sent on their own suicide mission? Turns out, it works pretty well as the Fellowship of the Ring has now received the Suicide Squad treatment and it turns out, it’s almost too perfect. Check out the unofficial trailer for Ring Squad below.

What’s great about this fan trailer is that it wasn’t done by simply throwing Queen behind random scenes from the film. The pacing and humor of the Suicide Squad trailer is used here as perfectly as possible. The two trailers are of identical length, so the music is matched perfectly. What’s more is that both trailers use the beats of the song to perfectly time various scenes that are used. Here, Aragorn doesn’t simply slice up an Orc into pieces, but he does it with rhythm. You also have Viggo Mortensen listing off members of the Fellowship at the about the same point that Joel Kinnaman is doing the same thing for Suicide Squad. Everything here is set up nearly perfectly to mirror its predecessor.

At the same time there’s something mildly disconcerting about this trailer. The fact that such a massive epic can be shown in this light simply goes to show how easily movie trailers can be manipulative. We know how far from this trailer The Lord of the Rings really is and while we’re not exactly expecting Suicide Squad to turn out to be an epic fantasy, the fact is it could be and we wouldn’t actually know it. Think about it: how often have you been to the movies and ended up seeing something that didn’t look anything like the trailer that you saw?

Still, on a purely entertainment level, we can’t argue that this fan made trailer is pure fun. Check out the original to make a direct comparison, and go in for a second viewing of Ring Squad.
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