WARNING: The following clip is NSFW.

For many horror fans, the phrase "horror musical" elicits groans of frustration. But the subgenre's bad reputation hasn't scared off writer-director-lyricist Jerome Sable. With Stage Fright, this triple threat filmmaker offers audiences a twisted tale of terror that's full of tunes! And now you can get a sneak peak at its first ten minutes, courtesy of Hulu.

Stage Fright is a slasher flick set in a musical theater camp where the beautiful Camilla Swanson (Allie MacDonald) dreams of following in the footsteps of her famous mother (Minnie Driver), who was brutally killed during the run of the play The Haunting of the Opera. When the camp decides to resurrect this show, Camilla feels she's fated to take on the role her mother died for. But with a killer on the loose, she might not make it to curtain call.

Hulu's preview clip begins with a cheeky title card that reads, "The following is based on true events." As your brain twitches with a, 'What!?' another line of text unfurls: "While the names have been changed to respect the families, the musical numbers will be performed exactly as they occurred." And so Sable sets the stage.

The first kill comes fast and fierce, as does the first note sung by the doomed Kylie (Driver). Reveal: this is The Haunting of the Opera, complete with big moments and lots of stage blood. In come a young Camilla and her twin brother, along with a mustachioed Meatloaf as Kylie's producer. But shortly after their farewells, Kylie makes her final exit with a mix of sex and mayhem. It's gory. It's goofy. It's a great start to some truly daring horror. From there, we leap ahead 10 years to Camilla's time at camp, where she is prime for her time in the spotlight, whatever it brings.

You can see more from Stage Fright in their red band trailer.

Curious, but need a look at Stage Fright that's safe for work? We got you covered with this green band trailer:

Stage Fright Poster

If you can't get enough, check out Stage Fright now on On Demand or on iTunes. A theatrical release will follow on May 9th.

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