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Is Stan Lee Team Iron Man Or Team Cap? He Has The Perfect Answer

Marvel has thus far done an amazing job of dividing fans right down the middle with Captain America: Civil War. It seems as though nobody can come to an overall consensus regarding whether or not to side with Iron Man or Captain America. However, that hasn’t stopped the folks at Marvel from trying to get some of the biggest names in comics to voice their opinions. Marvel Entertainment has just released a video definitively showing which side of the Civil War conflict Stan Lee will be on during the events of the upcoming movie.

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As it turns out, Stan Lee doesn’t really care about Team Cap or Team Iron Man; he just wants an awesome cameo. The above video shows Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. playfully bickering with one another over who has the rightful place as the current king of Marvel. RDJ claims that as the first ever character to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man is clearly the best. On the other hand, Chris Evans asserts that Captain America is the first ever Marvel character to debut in live-action – a claim that Robert Downey Jr. disputes. They eventually ask Stan Lee to chime in on the matter, and the Marvel legend tells them he doesn’t care as long as he gets the cameo.


I have a feeling that Stan Lee might be Team Cap deep down. It’s a relatively well-documented fact that Iron Man was more or less of an experiment of a character. While Steve Rogers was designed to be a paragon of American values, Stan Lee created Tony Stark to be an inherently unlikeable character; it just so happened that audiences ended up liking him.


No matter what, there’s one specific thing that the members of both Team Iron Man as well as Team Cap are looking forward to when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters, and that’s Stan Lee’s cameo. The man has made a habit of appearing in Marvel movies long before the MCU, with appearances dating as far back as Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. Some fans have even begun to theorize that Lee actually portrays the same character, The Watcher, in each of his appearances. Whether or not you believe that theory depends on how much you love the man, and we absolutely adore him.


With only a week left until Captain America: Civil War debuts on May 6, now is the time to start picking sides. Which side are you on, Team Iron Man, or Team Cap?

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