We're about to get a very in-depth look at Star Trek Into Darkness, thanks to the nine-minute trailer that will be attached to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey next week. But to make sure the geek world is really riled up before then, Paramount has released a quick "announcement," which is basically the dreaded trailer-for-a-trailer but crammed with enough new footage to keep you from complaining.

You can watch that announcement trailer below, but stick around after, because we're about to get way more in-depth.

So what did we just see, aside from a lot of quick shots of Benedict Cumberbatch looking menacing and a bunch of members of Starfleet looking terrified while the world collapsed around them? That's where screenshot galleries come in. Click through the gallery below to check out screenshots from all the key moments of the new trailer, from that mysterious red planet that Kirk and Bones are running on in the beginning to the explosions around what looks like the San Francisco Starfleet campus at the end, We'll surely have a lot more information about all of this in about a week, but in the meantime, there's nothing more fun for a Trek geek than poring over the details yourself.

Take a look below, and let us know which details caught your eye in the comments. Star Trek Into Darkness, which reunites the entire cast from the first film, is set to open in theaters May 17 next year. For everything else you need to know about it, click here.

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