It was a heartbreaking story with a positive twist that we could all feel good about. Dan Craft, a major Star Trek fan and an organizer of the New York Asian Film Festival, was dying of cancer. He knew he wouldn't live long enough to see the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness, so his wife and friends took to the Internet with a special request: help them get in touch with J.J. Abrams and ask for some kind of early look at the movie.

Not only did Abrams comply, but he showed Craft and his wife an unfinished cut of the entire film. Just days later, Craft passed away. The New York Asian Film Festival announced his passing on their Facebook page, with this sad but poignant message:

Last night around 10:15pm, Dan Craft, who has been a member of Subway Cinema since 2004, passed away. His wife and brother were with him when he went, and he wasn't in any pain. He'd been a bit loopy for a few days as his liver failed and toxins built up in his blood, and on Thursday his wife asked him if he needed to go to the bathroom. "I'm going..." he proclaimed, "Into the future."

See you there, Dan.

Dan Craft: 1971 - 2013

We miss you.

Craft became somewhat famous online with a story that had a set ending: he knew and we knew that his time was limited, and the happy ending wasn't that he would be miraculously cured, but that he would get to see one last thing he loved before he passed. Craft's wish came true, and yet, it's hard not to be sad that the world has lost as passionate and determined a cinephile as he was. Congratulations to Craft's family and friends for making his Star Trek viewing possible, and condolences to all who knew him on their loss.

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