For a film called The Circle, the James Ponsoldt adaptation of Dave Eggers' novel has had a bit of a merry-go-round when it comes to its cast. With Tom Hanks being the first star announced for the film, Alicia Vikander initially landed the lead role of Mae. This didn't last long, as she was won away by the latest Bourne film and replaced with Emma Watson. Now John Boyega has jumped aboard as a co-lead for the tech thriller.

Deadline confirmed that Boyega, star of Attack The Block and the forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, will play the role of Ty Gospodinov, the inventor and founder of the titular company where Watson's Mae finds herself employed at the beginning of The Circle. While details of his role are in short supply, and for good reason, rest assured he'll be on screen quite a bit with Emma Watson throughout the film.

This is a impressive get, as John Boyega has been having a hell of a time rising among the ranks of young actors. His role in Star Wars: The Force Awakens has increased his visibility enough that he's started to land big time projects like this, and his natural charisma will mesh well with Emma Watson's similarly seasoned acting skills. The funny thing about Boyega landing the gig in The Circle is that he was once rumored for another tech genius in a major motion picture, as he was tipped as being the prime candidate to play Danny Dyson in this summer's Terminator: Genisys

Thankfully for Boyega, his Star Wars schedule seems to allow him the time to be in The Circle, which is the main reason Terminator: Genisys eventually went with The Hunger Games'  Dayo Okeniyi. Considering how well received the former film was by the public, Boyega must be thanking his agent and sending J.J. Abrams a bottle of something real nice at this point, as he's able to maintain a spotless record. 

What he won't be able to maintain is the spoilerish twist that was revealed in Deadline's casting coverage, as they flat out admit that Ty engages in a relationship with Mae. This was a twist supposedly revealed in the book's third act, and makes us wonder if this is going to be done away with in the final film, or if Deadline just dropped a massive bomb on unsuspecting audiences. Still, twist ending or not, the fact that John Boyega and Emma Watson will be generating sparks on the big screen is exciting enough to generate further interest in this technological thriller. With Tom Hanks in the mix somewhere else in the picture, that's just the cherry on top of the box office sundae, and it'll have us keeping our eyes out for whatever The Circle throws our way in its next revolution.

The Circle has no release date just yet, but a production start date is supposedly set for some point within the next month.
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