The Circle Season 5: Premiere Date And Other Things We Know About The Netflix Series

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Over the course of the past few years, and four seasons, The Circle has become one of the most popular reality programs on Netflix, which is saying something considering all the competition on streaming service. The show takes elements from the likes of Big Brother and Catfish and creates a hilarious, and sometimes intense social media-based competitive experience that has continued to resonate with audiences since its January 2020 debut.

Longtime fans, and those who have only just now discovered the show, are probably wondering about when The Circle Season 5 will premiere and introduce them to another series of challenges carried out by new cast members. Well, sit back and relax, because we are about to break down everything we know about the fan-favorite series, including where it lands on the 2022 Netflix schedule and other tidbits, including changes coming to the game in the very near future…

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The Circle Season 5 Premieres December 28th on Netflix

There are a lot of great movies and shows coming to Netflix in December, including the upcoming Emily in Paris Season 3 and the premiere of The Witcher: Blood Origin, as well as the streaming debut of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. But, before the final month of the year closes out, The Circle Season 5 will debut a little more than half a year after the fourth season wrapped up, and take fans of the show (and those who are just now learning about it) back to those fake apartments filled with social media influencers and competitors vying for the cash prize. 

Netflix has announced that The Circle Season 5 will make its debut on Wednesday, December 28th, which seems like the platform’s way of saving the best for last, at least in terms of realty TV competition programs.

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The New Season Is Called The Circle: Singles

Netflix is mixing things up for the fifth season of its popular reality TV series as all of the competitors will be single heading into the competition, or so they claim. This time around, the show is being called The Circle: Singles, and according to Netflix, there will be a romantic twist to the game.

Not a lot of details about how the new format will change up the series have been released at this point, but when announcing the alteration, the streaming platform has said the “romantically available” contestants will once again be jockeying for popularity with their fellow co-stars, who are also trapped in small apartments with only social media as a means of communication. Surely, this concept will lead to even more catfishing among competitors, as well as flirtatious behavior and inevitable drama as they battle it out on The Circle: Singles.

Netflix has yet to announce how many contestants will take part in The Circle: Singles or if there will be any returning competitors from previous seasons in addition to the new faces vying for that cash prize and all the glory. Expect to hear more about the individual players as we get closer to the show’s December 28th premiere date.

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Michelle Buteau Returns To Host The Circle Season 5

Although we don’t yet know who will be taking part in the competition throughout The Circle: Singles when the show premieres in late December, we do know that longtime host, actress and comedian Michelle Bureau, will once again walk contestants, and viewers at home, through the show’s fifth season. Netflix confirmed that Buteau, who appeared in 2022 movies like Marry Me, Moonshot, Crush, and Clerks III, would be back to keep the singles in check while making sure the reality program stays on track. 

Michelle Buteau on The Circle

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Episodes Of The Circle: Singles Will Be Released In Batches

Like a lot of the other reality programs on Netflix, The Circle has a history of not releasing all of its episodes at once, but instead in batches, with the three latest seasons having been split into four sections, and new episodes dropping each week over the course of a month. It looks like The Circle: Singles will be no different, as the caption accompanying Netflix’s Season 5 announcement on Instagram revealed “the first episodes” will drop on December 28th: 

Although Netflix has revealed the start date for The Circle: Singles, the streaming platform has yet to announce how many episodes will be in that first chunk or how many episodes there will be in total. That being said, we can turn to previous seasons to speculate. 

Seasons 2 through 4 have consisted of 13 episodes each, with four episodes debuting on the first day, and four being released over the following two weeks, and a final chapter debuting in the fourth week. If The Circle Season 5 follows that pattern, then we can expect to see new episodes on January 4, January 11, and January 18, 2023. But again, this is just speculation.

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The Circle Season 5 Was First Announced In August 2021

Back in August 2021, before The Circle Season 3 had even aired a single episode, Netflix picked up the reality program for a fourth and fifth season, as reported by Deadline. The news came on the heels of the show’s successful second season, which was watched by approximately 14 million households after its release, according to the outlet. 

There is no word yet if Netflix will pick up The Circle for future seasons following the Singles experiment, but it wouldn’t be all that surprising, considering the popularity of the series and its social media presence. Maybe we’ll know more after the show returns in late December.

Expect to hear much more about The Circle Season 5 as we get closer to the December 28th debut of Singles. In the meantime, you could always watch the first four seasons of the popular competition series with your Netflix subscription, which also grants you access to shows like The Mole, Too Hot to Handle, and Love is Blind, which is slated to return for a fourth season at some point in the near future. Don’t forget to check out the 2023 TV schedule to get an early start on everything else coming to your favorite channels and streaming services in the coming months.

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