Netflix Renewed The Circle And Two More Popular Reality Shows

The Circle on Netflix.

Netflix has handed out renewals for three of its most popular reality shows, so fans have a reason to celebrate. Netflix has renewed social media competition series The Circle, as well as Indian Matchmaking and The American Barbecue Showdown.

Just a few months following The Circle’s second season, Netflix has given the reality series a two-season renewal. Since Season 3 was already in the works, The Circle is now guaranteed to last at least to Season 5, and the major vote of confidence isn't altogether shocking. Within a month of its premiere in April, Season 2 was watched by 14 million households.

The series, which has multiple versions pertaining to different countries, follows several contestants as they compete, form allies and rank each other to be the top influencer and win a cash prize. Competitors can either enter The Circle as themselves or as someone else. The first season quickly became a must-watch and Season 2 was no different when it dropped.

Indian Matchmaking, which premiered on Netflix last year, has been renewed for a second season. The series follows matchmaker Sima Taparia who helps singles across the world who have decided to turn to an expert to handle their love lives. It’s been over a year since the series dropped on the streamer last July, so fans were probably a little worried that it wouldn’t be renewed. Sometimes Netflix does like to take its sweet time when it comes to deciding a series’ fate!

Food competition series The American Barbecue Showdown has been renewed for a second season as well. With A.P. Bio’s Lyric Lewis and Floor Is Lava host Rutledge Wood hosting, the best backyard smokers and competitive barbecuers in the country face off for the title of American Barbecue Champion. It’s been almost a year since Season 1 premiered, but since it is yet another food competition series, the odds for it to be renewed were good since people can’t get enough of that genre.

Netflix has quickly become a spot for reality shows, but don’t count out scripted originals just yet. Recently the streamer finally dropped a teaser for the long-awaited fourth season of Stranger Things, which got an official 2022 release date. And Fox-turned-Netflix Original Lucifer will be premiering its sixth and final season next month. Meanwhile, fans are still hoping that the streamer will renew cancelled NBC series Manifest after it nearly broke a major milestone.

The Circle’s third season will likely premiere sometime next year, which means that Seasons 4 and 5 won’t be coming until later. However knowing that fans will be able to receive alerts from The Circle for at least a few more seasons should make it worthwhile. Fans can also likely expect Indian Matchmaking and The American Barbecue Show to premiere new seasons next year. For now, you can find all three shows' existing seasons streaming on Netflix.

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