Still The Most Successful Duck, Joshua Jackson In Talks For Lay The Favorite

Cementing his claim as the most successful Mighty Duck, Joshua Jackson is in talks to pick up another role in a reasonably high profile movie. With Fringe renewed and Cruel Intentions still beloved, he’s narrowly edging out Saturday Night Live star Keenan Thompson and Butterfly Effect support Elden Henson. In case you were wondering, the least successful Mighty Duck is Wu Wu Wu Kenny Wu who recently resorted to asking Kevin Smith if he could be in Hit Somebody. No word if that panned out.

The movie in question this time is called Lay The Favorite, and it’s a biopic about successful gambler Beth Raymer. She made a fortune betting on sports, only to reconsider it all after meeting the man of her dreams. This is the difference between men and women. Gambling biopics about men usually end face down in seedy motel rooms on the Strip. Gambling biopics about women usually end in them selling life rights to their stories.

Oscar nominated director Stephen Frears will helm Lay The Favorite with Town star Rebecca Hall and Whole Nine Yards actor Bruce Willis on board to topline the cast. According to Variety, D.V. DeVincentis is putting the finishing touches on the script. Once it’s completed, Lay The Favorite should go into production later this year.

In case you’re excited to find out where the rest of the Mighty Ducks have been, check out Josh’s article.

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