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Back in July, director Zack Snyder gave us all hope that the 3D fad may be close to over when he told a reporter that he had been looking at post-conversion for his upcoming film, Sucker Punch, but that if he didn't have time to do it properly, then the film wouldn't be in 3D. A little more than a week later, his wife and producer, Deborah Snyder, supported Snyder's comments, saying that what they weren't happy with any of the post-conversions they had seen. Sadly, it now looks like you can't stop the Hollywood juggernaut once it's on a role. Bleeding Cool has dug up an advertisement for the Samsung sponsored "Ultimate 3D Cinematic Experience At The [British Film Instititute] IMAX" and one of the titles included, alongside Tron: Legacy, Mars Needs Moms and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch.

I must say that this is incredibly disappointing if true. We've all seen how truly horrible post-conversion can be, and Sucker Punch looks like a visual marvel. Why screw with it? One must also consider that this might not be Snyder's choice, the studio instead forcing his hand while trying to squeeze more money out of the film. All we can hope is that the film is simply being touted as an IMAX experience and not as an IMAX 3D experience. Check out the poster below and feel free to grieve in the comments section.

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