Suicide Squad: We May Get To See Harley Quinn's Backstory

Spoiler alert: Harley Quinn is the star of the Suicide Squad trailer. The Comic-Con crowd in Hall H went berserk when they saw her dangling from the top of her cell in Belle Reve prison, and the snippets that we saw were even more juicy. Now that the trailer has been officially released online, for better or worse, we can swoon at every single frame, muscle twitch and devilish smirk from Margot Robbie's performance. Doing so, though, reveals a few tidbits about what we can expect from the beloved character when the film hits theaters – specifically how she wound up becoming a criminal.

A big question after the footage is, will we get to see the origin of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad? Before she was the psychotic sidekick of the Joker, she was a promising psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Harleen Quinzel. She was assigned to Arkham Asylum, where she treated the Joker. Seeing she was obsessed with his specific brand of crazy, Joker used this to take advantage of her and warp her mind into becoming his right-hand gal. While it's unclear if director David Ayer will use this particular story for his version of Quinn, the Suicide Squad trailer does display Robbie in her glasses, ponytail and doctor's jacket in a few scenes.

Let's piece this together. The Joker seems to be raiding a lab with a horde of his thugs wearing masks and toting major ammunition.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn origin 1

A few moments before we see more of these baddies shooting up the place, with one guy even wearing a Batman mask.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn origin 2

Towards the beginning of the trailer, we see similar guys shooting up a backroom and accosting a woman with blonde hair, glasses and a doctor's coat. This woman is presumably Margot Robbie as Dr. Quinzel.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn origin 3

Towards the middle, this terrified woman is lying on a slab with the brown safety straps gagging her mouth and the Joker's tatted up arms hovering over her.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

We can then also connect this moment with the Joker's big reveal at the end of the trailer. He's in the same location and preparing for some pretty harsh electroshock treatment on his subject, which, again, is presumed to be Dr. Quinzel.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

From there, we can infer that he fulfills his promise to hurt her really, really bad, from which we get the now mentally traumatized and insane Harley Quinn.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

It's possible that this actress is not Robbie -- perhaps she's Cara Delevigne's June Moon/Enchantress -- but it sure looks like Robbie, and it would make a great deal of sense. According to the latest rumors, the Joker's role is fairly limited, but with Jared Leto all dolled up as the most sadistic looking clown DC could muster, flashback sequences are a good alternative.

Suicide Squad will hit theaters on August 5, 2016, and you can be sure we'll be keeping an eye on fan-favorite Harley Quinn in the time until then.