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Comedian Mike Birbiglia is known for a stand-up style that centers on uproariously funny yet poignant autobiographical stories. So few were surprised when Birbiglia weaved some of his best bits together to create his off-Broadway effort Sleepwalk with Me. The one-man show was a hit with critics and audiences alike, and its success spawned a spin-off book, Sleepwalk with Me: And Other Painfully True Stories and now a movie adaptation from the folks of This American Life.

Produced in part by This American Life host Ira Glass, Sleepwalk with Me lays bare many of Birbiglia's biggest issues, namely his fear of marriage and his sometimes dangerous habit of sleepwalking. Avid listeners to This American Life are well versed in both, as Birbiglia is a recurring contributor to the weekly radio show/podcast that explores in detail various aspects of modern American life. In fact, the clip below comes from a story that the comedian told in a memorable—but I warn you sometimes revolting—episode called Fear of Sleep, in which Birbiglia recounted a few of his more harrowing sleepwalking adventures:

This week Sleepwalk with Me makes its world premiere at Sundance, where it's actively searching for distribution. So, as he semi-annually asks for the help of his audience on This American Life, Ira Glass is calling upon fans of the podcast, Sleepwalk with Me, and Birbiglia to show their interest and prove the film's commercial viability. Go to their website to show your support.

For more Birbiglia, check out This American Life's archives, where you can listen to Fear of Sleep, No Respect, Fall Guy, Return to the Scene of the Crime and every other episode of the long-running radio show for free.