The action at Sundance is starting to slow down, with most of the big films already premiered and the town clearing out, most journalists eager to get home (or stuck in an iced-over Salt Lake City airport on their way there). But Matt Patches and I remain ever stalwart, ever true, sticking around at this high altitude to bring you the latest on the last round of movies that we've seen, including the hugely buzzed comedy The Way Way Back, Lake Bell's directorial debut In A World, and the other Chilean Michael Cera movie at the festival. Yes, there are two.

Check out what we had to say below, and see if you can spot the fresh snowfall behind us.

For more from the both of us on Sundance, you can find my coverage here, and head over to for the coverage from Patches and his colleague, Brian Moylan, who is joining us on this week's Operation Kino podcast for even more Sundance conversation. The festival may be winding down, but we are still going strong, so keep checking back!

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