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There’s this thing called the Super Bowl going on this weekend and, as a movie fan I have absolutely no interest in whether Cardinals can defeat Steelers. I have no idea what a Steeler is, but really he should have no trouble defeating a delicate bird. What kind of a mascot is that anyway? When grandma looks out at her bird feeder, does the red flapping thing she sees there strike terror into her? Probably not. Whatever happened to the good, old fashioned, tiger?

Again, doesn’t matter. I’m a movie dork and I’ll only be watching for the commercials. More specifically, the movie related commercials. Super Bowl XLIII will be loaded with them and below we’ve got your quick guide to everything you should be keeping an eye out for, whenever the network breaks away from the football field to show something interesting. You’ll find this exciting bunch of movie trailers, wedged in between beer commercials. We'll update this page with direct links or embedded videos for each trailer, as they become available online. Check back regularly!


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - This is the biggie. If there’s one Super Bowl spot you absolutely do not want to miss, then this is it. It's the first official footage anyone has seen from one of the most anticipated sequels of all time. According to director Michael Bay, this spot should air during the Super Bowl, some time early on in the 3rd quarter. For those those who don't want to wait, watch it embedded below:

G.I. Joe - This is the first footage anyone has seen from G.I. Joe so far. The movie’s first trailer, Paramount’s first chance to convince us that those leftover X-Men uniforms aren’t indicative of the effort and creativity being put into this movie. Plus football fans tend to get all patriotic during kickoff, so mixing in a movie about soldiers (even fantastical ones) ought to play pretty well in front of the pigskin crowd. It'll play during the Super Bowl, but Paramount has released their G.I. Joe trailer online early. Here it is:

Star Trek - Parmount's Trek Super Bowl trailer is a mix of old and new footage. No surprises here, but still well worth watching. Wait to see it during the big game, or watch it below right now:


Monsters vs. Aliens - There’s a catch with the trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens. Like a lot of the stuff being pushed during and around the Super Bowl this year, it’ll be in 3D. Have your glasses handy. If you don’t already have some, check for displays in places like your local grocery store, gas station, and even some electronics stores. Here in Dallas area for instance, I’ve spotted them at Fry’s. If you find the right display, they should be free of charge and free to take as many as you want. Watch the trailer below, make sure you have your 3D glasses handy.




Angels & Demons - Tom Hanks is back solving religious mysteries and pissing off the Catholic church. Sonyis pimping their latest trailer for Angels & Demons. In case you missed it during the Super Bowl, here it is below:

Year One - This is the primitive man lost in a primitive world comedy from director Harold Ramis. No one actually saw this one coming, but it looks like the movie's first trailer, which you can also see below, will be among those debuting during the big game. The trailer features Jack Black and Michael Cera as two hunters encountering Caine and Abel who, as you might expect, don't seem to get along:


Land of the Lost - The only thing better than watching Will Ferrell run from Sleestacks might be watching Will Ferrell play football with Sleestacks. While you may not see Ferrell fending off Sleestack double coverage, you will see something pretty funny in the new trailer for Land of the Lost. Watch it below, or wait around in front of your television until kickoff.

Fast & Furious - It was only a couple of weeks ago that Universal debuted a new trailer for Fast & Furious, so it's no surprise that the movie's Super Bowl trailer isn't exactly packed with new footage. Still, there's plenty here for street racing fans to sink their teeth into. Watch it below, or wait around to spot it during the Super Bowl.


Up - We know Disney will have a trailer or spot of some kind airing for Up during the Super Bowl. We believe the trailer embedded below this text is it, though we've yet to get confirmation. Keep checking back here, and we'll update this page with the final word on whether this is it. In the meantime, take a look:

Race to Witch Mountain - This should be Disney’s big Super Bowl reveal since it’s a film that’s not really on the general public’s radar yet, but for some reason the studio has jumped the gun and already released the trailer online. So don’t bother skipping a bathroom break to see The Rock hang out with alien kids. Just watch it below:


The Super Bowl is over and it looks like WB, as predicted did decide to skip advertising during the Super Bowl this year. No trailers from WB.

20th Century Fox

The Super Bowl is over and it looks like Fox, as predicted did decide to skip advertising during the Super Bowl this year. No trailers from Fox either.