Even when they're copies of things that exist in perfectly regular form out there on the Internet, there's something inherently charming about "sweded" versions of movies or even trailers. The term comes from Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind and has inevitably become bigger than the movie itself, as all kinds of fans take it upon themselves to reshoot a movie or a trailer with just the objects they have at homes and their friends, who might get talked into wearing weird wigs or putting on ridiculous accents to "fit" the roles.

So while we wait to see anything new from Star Trek Into Darkness, check out this sweded version of the full-length trailer, which includes a guy in thick eyebrows and a blond wig to become Chris Pine, a patio door doubling as the glass lockdown that holds Benedict Cumberbatch's character, and lots of other great homemade details.

The a cappella version of the trailer music is actually pretty impressive, though it only serves to highlight just how much it sounds like the Inception "Braaaannnnghh" sound. If you want to see just how closely this trailer sticks to what we saw in the official one, the group also posted a side-by-side comparison-- marvel at how well they mimic Abrams's signature lens flares! But don't give them too hard a time for not nailing the shot of the Enterprise rising up from the water. There's really only so much you can do with a cardboard starship.

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