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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetle…Wait! There’s no reason to say his name all three times just yet! 25 years later, many of us would absolutely love to see a sequel to Tim Burton’s 1988 macabre masterpiece Beetlejuice, but we all understand that it’s a lofty dream that would probably give us the wrong kinds of nightmares anyway. But there are rumors, particularly this one from Schmoes Know that says Burton is busy shifting his schedule around so he can make room to direct the sequel himself. For better or worse, the only way a Beetlejuice should ever exist is with Burton at the helm, so if he is indeed aiming to direct, I might just have to but "The Banana Boat Song" on a loop for the next hour or so. (I would never do that.)

We aren’t trying to discredit Schmoes Know or anything, but they aren’t the failsafe news source that we’re used to going with here. They claim their "VERY RELIABLE" source is a "high-ranking studio executive that knows what is going on behind the scenes of everything in Hollywood." Thankfully, this isn’t just a bold-faced statement and has some accompanying "facts."

A couple of years ago, Burton got attached to the befitting YA novel Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and he reportedly came close to dropping that project recently to give himself time to get to this Beetlejuice follow-up, but he was able to formulate production schedules that allows for both of these films to be made. So this rumor would also be good news for fans of the Ransom Riggs novel, which seems tailor-made for Burton’s aesthetic.

This news would be all the more alarming had the project not already found a screenwriter in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter novelist Seth Grahame-Smith, who recently teased everyone with a fun picture on Twitter. So Warner Bros. will almost definitely be getting a Beetlejuice 2 out there into the world at some point, but it would be pretty fantastic if Burton indeed came back to reclaim the throne that he built for himself with his sophomore effort, following the enjoyable buffoonery that was Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

I don’t think Burton knocked anyone dead with 2012’s one-two punch of Dark Shadows or Frankenweenie, also an attempt to capture the essence of a past success. He’s currently in post-production on the artistic biopic Big Eyes, which is a wonderfully refreshing break from his constant stream of adaptations. (Minus Corpse Bride of course.) Will a return to his pre-Depp filmmaking turn former Burton enthusiasts back on to his work? Perhaps. This rumor just has to be confirmed by the known universe first. And a little advice? More Keaton!

Now sing with me. Day-O!

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