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Tom Cruise And James McAvoy Rumored For Mountains Of Madness

Now that he’s off The Hobbit Guillermo del Toro has turned his attention to HP Lovecraft. He’s making At the Mountains of Madness, based on a Lovecraft story, with James Cameron producing it in 3D. Now word is that he wants Tom Cruise to star. Unfortunately, the studio disagrees.

The rumor from Collider is that while Del Toro wants Cruise as his lead Universal wants James McAvoy to star in the film. When was the last time a director wants the bigger name and the studio wanted a lesser known one? I can’t think of another time, ever. Perhaps it’s a sign of just how far Tom Cruise’s star has fallen in the past year, or maybe it’s a symptom of how utterly obsessed Hollywood has become with youth. Either actor knows his way around in front of a camera, and the movie can’t go wrong.

Well unless they cast Chris Pine that is. Pine’s perfect as James Kirk in Star Trek but I’m still not really convinced he’s suited to anything else. But Collider’s sources say he’s also being considered as a possibility for the movie’s lead, if he’s not too busy.

The Lovecraft story At the Mountains of Madness will be based on involves an Antarctic expedition which discovers aliens known as Elder Things buried under the snow. They wake up and everything goes to hell. Any similarity to the plot of Predator vs. Alien in that description should probably be ignored. Whoever they cast is sure to spend a lot of time wading sweating their way through fake snow inside a parka. For now it's all rumor and speculation.