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On Tuesday we brought you the rumor that Tom Cruise was being considered for a part in J.J. Abrams' new Star Trek movie. The story was reported by real news sources, but at the time I think we had the good sense to call it "ludicrous". Well its ludicrousness has been confirmed.

The guys over at TrekMovie.com have been working the phones to get in a confirmation from someone over at Paramount, the studio producing Abrams' new Trek movie. They've been unable to get any kind of confirmation from their people there, and what's more they've gotten a flat denial of the rumor from one of Tom Cruise's publicists, Arnold Robinson: "That story is not true," he says.

It doesn't get much clearer than that.

The whole thing never made sense in the first place. Sure, Abrams and Cruise may have some sort of relationship after working together on Mission: Impossible: III, but Paramount is the studio making the movie and their relationship with Cruise couldn't be any worse. They practically threw him off the lot, and it's rather unlikely that either side wants anything to do with the other.

So forget about the Tom Cruise for Star Trek rumors for now. If anything else surfaces on it, we'll let you know.