English writer-director David Mackenzie has forged a distinct path of romance with dramas like Young Adam and Mister Foe. But for his latest effort, Tonight You're Mine, he's trying his hand at romantic comedy set in the midst of Scotland's raucous music festival T in the Park.

Luke Treadaway (Attack the Block) and Natalia Tena (Tonks of the Harry Potter films) step out of the supporting player realm to lead this feature—formerly titled You Instead--playing a pair of rockers who unexpectedly connect after being handcuffed together by a curious stranger. He's a full-on famous frontman of an electropop band, with the requisite supermodel girlfriend, who harbors major jealousy issues. She's the lead singer of a post-punk band that's struggling to get noticed, with a bland banker boyfriend in tow. Of course they hate each other on sight, but as they're forced to make their way through this incredible festival they begin to discover the handcuffs are not they only way they are connected.

Check out the trailer courtesy of Yahoo!

There are elements here that will surely incite the predictable scorn of cynics, from the impossibly cool rocker leads, to their confrontational meet-cute, and the handcuff device that literally binds them together for the course of the plot. Still, there's something in the tone of this promo that has me hopeful; the ardent appreciation that Mackenzie seems to hold for that intangible magic lingering in the air at concerts. Even in the short form of this trailer, the thrill of being young and out and primed for anything is vibrant. To me, this suggests a unique interpretation of rom-com conventions that seems enticing and even seductive. Blend this with the raw charisma of its compelling couple and Tonight You're Mine has me totally in its sway.

Tonight You're Mine opens Stateside May 11th.

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