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Top Gun 2 Hires X-Men: First Class Writers To Pen Script

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz may have spent most of their careers writing for television shows like Fringe, Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles and Andromeda, but this past summer they proved that they are ready for blockbuster films. Credited writers on both Thor and X-Men: First Class - two of the better-reviewed action films of the summer, the pair may not end up rolling in Oscars for their work, but they have just been handed an incredibly high-profile project.

According to Variety, Miller and Stentz have been hired to write the script for Tony Scott's sequel to the 1986 hit Top Gun. Talk about the second movie began exactly one year ago today, when producer David Ellison approached Jerry Bruckheimer about the possibility of a Top Gun 2. Commenting on the talk, Scott said that the movie won't be a remake or a reinvention, but rather a new movie that centers on unmanned fighters. At the time Scott was planning a trip to an air force base in Nevada where "computer geeks" would play war games during the day and "then party all night." Paramount declined comment on the news and it's unknown when the project may start production or casting.

I still find the whole "Scott brother midlife crisis" to be kind of funny. First Ridley decides to make a prequel to Alien (which ended up turning into Prometheus); then Tony decided he wanted to do make a sequel to Top Gun and most recently Ridley was inspired to reboot Blade Runner. One can only imagine what's coming next.

Eric Eisenberg
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