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Toy Story 3 Was Inspired By The Great Escape

Even though we’re all pretty excited about Toy Story 3, I don’t think anyone’s focus has really been on what it’s about. We know that Andy has gone to college and the toys have been shipped off to a daycare center, but other than that, fans have been pretty content just to know Buzz and Woody will be back in theaters. But this new Toy Story 3 featurette offers greater insight into the nature of the film and, apparently, it’s a prison break movie.

As it turns out the daycare center is a prison and the toys want out. Before making the film, Pixar’s team spent a lot of time watching prison break movies, every prison break movie ever made according to director Lee Unkrich. The result is a Pixar movie that is, rather awesomely, at least partially inspired by such un-Pixar films as The Great Escape. I guess that makes Woody Steve McQueen.

More details in the new Toy Story 3 featurette embedded below:

And as long as you’re here, check out a brand new clip from the film which focuses on the movie’s prison break theme. Buzz Lightyear does a little scouting and discovers that Ken may be up to no good: